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I'm Beth Korinek

Life Coach, Wife, Mom & Nurse

Life is journey.

Life is a journey and I love living it. Constantly learning, loving, growing, and evolving.  Looking back I have had such a journey with my own relationships, physical, spiritual and emotional health. I love helping others in their journey of discovery at each stage of their lives.  Unfortunately, it’s not until we struggle that we have to look for a different way.  We must find a way to leadOURships and stop drifting and letting the world pull us in all different directions.


Thank goodness our society is coming to learn that,  physically, food is medicine and our health can not just be salvaged with a pill.  We know how much supplementation can fill in gaps and we can even use DNA now to give us glimpses into our OWN individualized needs.  Life can be FUN and FULL when we nurture ourselves and love our bodies the way we are supposed to. And as I always say with our bodies...“if we don’t use it, we lose it”! So staying active is key.  I help you align and move so you can leadYOURship!


By "titles", I am a wife, mom of three teen boys, a kick-butt cardiac ICU nurse, and an entrepreneur. I have also realized that I am not defined by those titles, either!  I am made for so much more and I love helping others realize that THEY are not defined by titles either. I love helping support people and gain control over their lives and goals so they can be confident, happy, and energetic to live the way they have always dreamed!

Aligning + moving into Goal crushing are kinda my thing!


My background.

RN, BSN Ursuline College 1993-1997


CTICU RN Cleveland Clinic Foundation 1997-present.  Heart and Lung Transplant Intensive Care Unit.


Guest Speaker for Holistic Healing Podcast Episode for Beth Korinek Health and Lifestyle Coaching (July 2019)


Certified Life Coach (June 2019)


The Diet Revolution- Neuroprotective and Disease-Modifying Effects CEU (5/2019)


Dietary Supplements: Useful or Useless by Dr. Mark Hyman CCF  CEU (3/2019)


Chronic Pain Syndromes: Current Concepts and Treatment Strategies CEU (8/2015)


Ischemic Stroke CEU (8/2015)


Skin Care Resource Nurse Class/Pressure Ulcer Staging CEU (5/2013)


Nutrition Care in the ICUs CEU (7/2013)


From Cloudy to Clear: Unscrambling the Intricacies of Diabetic Care CEU (4/2012)


Free Resource Library

You can start making the mindset shifts that need to take place for true transformation by signing up for my free resource library!

"Beth is not only an amazing coach but an amazing human being. She has helped guide me and navigates me through my very stressful life! It feels like she always has an answer or at least the best advice! She's selfless, caring, straight forward and as cliche, as it sounds she is a ray of sunshine! I get so excited about our calls!"


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