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The Next 6 Healthy Habits You Should Build

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.

This health tip is simple, but also quite important. Here are a few reasons why this should be part of your healthy eating habits:

While sleeping, your body gets dehydrated. What it craves, and will be happy to receive as soon as possible, is a whole glass of water. In giving that to your body, you’ll feel instantly refreshed and will also jumpstart your metabolism.

To make it even simpler, put the glass next to your bed as a reminder. In the morning, fill it with water, add a lemon, and give yourself about 5 minutes to fully enjoy the process of fueling your body and brain.

Some more benefits of this little trick are that it clears your mind and makes you alert and fully awake. With that, you can easily start the day, have a productive morning, and be more focused than usual for the rest of the day.

Water also helps flush toxins out of the body, strengthens the immune system, and plays a huge role in managing your weight.

Try doing this first thing in the morning tomorrow and experience all of these positive effects for yourself!

2. Leave technology behind in the evening

Most people have sleeping problems. However, it’s crucial to get your 8 or so hours of sleep every night in order to have energy and a clear mind the next day. If you don’t, your body and brain will suffer in many different ways.

Some of the factors hurting your sleep are going to bed with your phone, browsing the Web on your laptop, watching a movie to get yourself to sleep, or checking social media and getting overwhelmed. For this, using technology before bedtime has become an issue — it keeps your brain activated; no wonder you have problems falling asleep.

There’s a simple solution, and you should add it to your arsenal of daily healthy habits: unplug an hour before bed.

Do it for just 10 minutes today, or say to yourself you won’t be taking your phone or laptop to bed anymore. Then, make this period of time longer once you feel comfortable with it.

It’s so much better to go to bed peacefully and be positive about tomorrow, rather than be kept awake thinking about the posts you just read on your friend’s timeline, the bad news you were bombarded with, or an argument you had on social media.

3. Journal your thoughts

Journaling is on this list of health tips for a few reasons.

First of all, it’s another chance to stay away from technology and boost your mental health by emptying your mind and putting it all on paper. However, the benefit of this healthy habit goes much further.

By sharing your thoughts on paper, you’re learning how to open up. In real life, that makes your relationships better over time and you become a better communicator.

It’s great for staying motivated to reach your goals. By writing about your goals, you visualize that it’s already happening and your subconscious mind works to bring you the necessary circumstances in life to get you closer to that vision.

Journaling is also a therapy. You can write about your fears and doubts, and feel better afterwards. It brings clarity and mindfulness to all issues you address.

4. Have stretch breaks

This one is for mental and physical health.

The truth is, we work too much and don’t take breaks — which ends up actually ruining our productivity.

Instead, our brain needs to be engaged in relaxing activities as much as once every hour. That can be as little as 5 minutes of stretching, breathing deeply, enjoying a cup of tea, and just filling your mind with positive thoughts.

It’s also suggested to do proper stretching after you wake up, and before you go to sleep. In the morning, stretching helps to get the body get in active mode. In the evening, on the other hand, it helps your brain get into sleep mode and is more of a relaxing activity, rather than one bringing energy to all parts of your body.

5. Start walking

Sounds simple, right? Yet, we avoid it as much as possible. Well, now might be the right time in your life to add walking to your daily healthy habits.

It’s beneficial for your physical well-being as by doing it daily, you’re staying active. Also, it’s great for emptying your mind, breathing some fresh air, getting some vitamin D (if done during the day), and boosting your mood naturally and feeling more alive!

Walking is also connected to stronger bones and lower blood pressure. If you’re not the type of person who likes exercising, this is the easiest form of moving your body and still getting the benefits such as losing body fat, doing basic cardio, and improving your heart health.

If you’re wondering how to include it in your daily schedule, you can do this:

If you wake up earlier, it can be a fantastic start of the day. You’ll be motivated to add some other healthy habits to your morning routine afterward.

Even your lunch break can be your formula for success at work. . . If you do the right activities during it. This is because it’s important to completely shut your brain off and stop thinking about the things going on at the office; for this, you should do something different, and preferably outside. If you get out and just walk, even if it’s for 10 minutes, you’ll see that the stress goes away, making room for relaxation, mindfulness, and even creativity. Once you’re back to work, you’ll find it easier to focus and get more done.

6. Supplement

So many people are missing CORE nutrients! Working as a nurse for past 22 years I've learned so much when it comes to supplementing and the main thing I noticed was the LACK of our core nutrients in our diets. You can click here to do a free health assessment, that's where I started and it has literally changed my life!

But even if it's 1 of 2 or 6 of 6 just begin today. If you make healthy living a priority is will be easier than you think! Just start with these steps!

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