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Pruning our lives

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

-Life is like this bush.

-It’s overgrown and unkempt.

-It’s snuffing out the growth on the inside and underneath because it hasn’t been pruned properly and regularly.

-Sometimes we have to “catch up” with the overgrowth and mess of our lives.

-It takes a while to catch up and clean up the mess versus if we had kept up with little by little, pruning in the spring and middle of summer and fall.

-but it’s ok.

-I gave this bush lots of love today.

-I shook out the dead needles and leaves blocking the light and oxygen.

-I cleaned the ground of dead needles and leaves and lightly turned the soil.

-I gently let the water soak into the roots when I was done.

-I cut out as many of the dead branches as I could.

-upon close inspection...there was an area infested with ants deep inside killing the branches.

-I cut the dead away so this bush can hopefully revitalize and live.

-if it dies...we will rip it out and replace it.

-but in the meantime it is getting loved after all its neglect and it’s getting a chance to revitalize.

-if it lives...I’ll prune it more.

-it’s pretty crazy looking now but that’s ok cuz it’s worth the time and love.

-we are all worth all the love and patience and grace we all deserve. Don’t settle for less.

-don’t be afraid to prune your life.

-fix stuff as quickly as you can so the ants can’t infest your branches and if they do...cut it off ASAP.

Slow down to pay attention and love yourself and others ❤️

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