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Vision and Impact

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I learned about the fruit of vision with the first all expense paid trip I earned. I could NEVER have imagined I would be able to take my husband to a place we have talked about for years! Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I had researched the flights and stays and it was WAY too expensive for a family of five:( (Back to a quick, one night drivable hotel stay, right!?). Anyway...horseback riding in the mountains, beautiful Yellowstone national park, geysers, black bears, moose, whitewater rafting in freezing cold water and getting in the water!? All of which I said I would NOT do!? Thats a whole other story of growth and strength and trust, It all lead me to a necklace I had engraved..."Dream and do more" that I still wear to this day...5 years later as a reminder to KEEP growing my vision and impact OTHERS to grow their vision.

But it all started with......

Vision and Impact!!

In order to truly make an impact on the world around us we have to get RIGHT within our four walls of our own life, making an IMPACT there. Have we told those in our four walls in a loving and passionate way about our visions for more for EVERYONE or are we just in and out and in and out of the house? Living the daily grind of coming and going and surviving and maybe even not TRULY being thankful and grateful for our loved ones in our lives? AND letting them know it. Actions speak louder than words and true love and nurturing is spent with TIME! There is no "multi tasking" and "streamlining" TRUE TRUE TRUE deeply connected relationships.

We can also, at the same time, look around us and TRULY start seeing what others are doing (in a BIG positive way) and start to think...

What does that look like?

How can I start on a small level?

Who do I need around me to do more and grow?

Who else has similar visions and goals that I can get around to inspire me and get my creative juices flowing to actually make it happen?

Slow down to look around you and be aware of where you are and where you want to go. When you think to yourself...I wonder what that would be is a WHISPER of a dream. When that whisper is truly connected to who you are at your core....AND if you pay attention(key) will start to see more and more whispers LEADING you in that direction towards your dream and goal!

Think about your past...what have you looked at then slowly over time started asking questions, investigating, reading, researching, talking to others about, etc.....and you are where you are NOW because of all that? Asking for help and asking a lot of questions is how you make change. Be curious.

and THAT.... my friends... is a WHOLE other topic on pride and ego. xoxo

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