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What's ONE thing you can accomplish today before you go to bed to feel success despite overwhelm?

So many times we get completely overwhelmed and paralyzed with our to do list.

Be many times have you started your day thinking..."I'm going to get so much done today, for real."!? Then you make some food, answer some calls, get distracted by family at home, scroll social media then its 1pm or 4pm and you feel so decide to just flop on the couch and turn on the TV...check out...maybe even take a nap?? Just to escape it all?

One day rolls into the next and then the overwhelm and anxiety magnifies. You start going even deeper into the hole of noticing everyone else that is getting so much done. The negative talk starts and it keeps getting worse and worse.

Well, sister, I'm here to tell you...pause, hold up, wait. Take a deep breath and give yourself grace!! You give grace to so many other people except yourself.

First, pause and honor yourself. It's ok. You are enough. You are safe to just BE. Connect to your higher power that gives you unconditional love. If you are someone who has always run like an engine and gotten so much done and that's not the case anymore....welcome to BURNOUT! Maybe it has lasted for decades of your life but I'm sorry to tell longer! Your heart and soul are screaming for your attention. Stop! Slow down! Love me first! Stop listening to everyone else and listen to ME!!

Now, we need to function each and every day, right? Well take some pressure off yourself and simply choose ONE thing to get done today. You are never going to FEEL like doing it. You have to LAUNCH into the task by counting down from 5 (like Mel Robbins teaches)...5, 4, 3, 2, 1...launch! Go! Get it done. aware...this is where the inner work starts. Be still and quiet and alone. Listen to your body and what its telling you. You have an inner HER - Higher Energetic Realm to tend to. She has been neglected for years and perhaps decades. This is the work. This is where we begin in coaching.

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